About KVK


          The Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Raddewadgi started as an additional KVK in Kalaburgi district and it was started functioning from 01-01-2012. The jurisdiction of this KVK is 3 taluks of Kalaburgi dist. i.e. Jewargi, Chittapur and Sedam with a head quarter of Raddewadgi in Jewargi taluk. The jurisdiction is having 4 major soil types viz. Deep Black Cotton, Medium Black, Red Loamy and Sandy Soils. Deep and Medium black soils comprise in Sedam and  Chittapur talukas of  Kakaburgi district.

            The major crops grown in this area are Pigeonpea, Paddy, Cotton, Groundnut, Sunflower, Sugarcane  & other Minor millets viz., Bajra, Foxtail millet etc., in Kharif and Rabi Jowar, Chickpea, Safflower,  Wheat and Paddy during Rabi season.  Sugar cane is also grown to an extent of 7,000 hectares. Pigeonpea is the single monocrop occupying highest area of 3.5 lakh hectares with production of 2.33 lakh tones Pod borer, Helicoverpa causes loss up to the extent of 40-50% in Pigeonpea every year with outbreaks during 1992 & 1997 to the tune of 80-90%.  For managing this single pest farmers apply 5-8 times of pesticides which in total valued at Rs. 80 crores for the entire district. 

Mandates of Krishi Vigyan Kendra

          The overall mandate of the KVK is to develop and disseminate location specific technological modules at district level through Technology Assessment, Refinement and Demonstration and to act as Knowledge and Resource Centre for agriculture and its allied activities. The specific activities to carry out this mandate are